The Best ways to Remove Office from Mac Manually

Remove Office from Mac Manually – As you must know, the Microsoft Office also offers applications for Mac users as well. This means you can purchase all the services offered by the Microsoft Office suite for your Mac device as well. For that, you can visit and choose the desired application.

It is easy to install a new application on your device. But when it comes to removing it, the process can be difficult. Although, the Microsoft Office offers a tool to remove the Microsoft office from the device. But if you wish to remove Office from Mac manually then this blog can help you with the same.

Remove Office from Mac Manually


To remove Office from Mac manually, you need to start by removing the Microsoft Office application from the device. Follow these steps:

  • On your Mac computer, go to the Finder.
  • Now click on the Applications tab.
  • Here navigate to all the Microsoft Office subscription and right-click on them.
  • Choose to Remove or Move to Trash button from the given options.
  • You can do the same for the other Microsoft Office Applications.
  • Once done, move to the next steps to remove Office from Mac manually.


You have deleted the applications from the device, but you are also required to delete the files associated with the Microsoft Office 2011. For that, you need to find them and manually delete them.

Here are the steps that you can try to remove the files from the user library.

  • On your Mac, go to the Finder.
  • Here, press Command + Shift + h altogether.
  • Go to the view option in the next step and choose to the list view and click on Show Library Folder.
  • Go back to the Finder and select all the files related to the Microsoft and move to the Trash.

Once done with the above step, go to the next to remove Office from Mac manually.


If there is any file related to the Microsoft Office added to the Dock then you need to manually remove it by following these steps:

  • Simply go to the application on the dock and tap on them.
  • After that, choose for Remove from Dock button.


Once you have deleted the files, they get into the trash can. To completely remove Office from Mac manually, you need to empty the trash as well.

  • Launch the Trash on your device.
  • Go to the Empty Trash button on your screen.
  • If prompted, give the permission to remove the files.
  • Once you are done with all the above-listed steps, Restart the Mac.

Congratulations! You have successfully removed Office from Mac manually.


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Tips On Turn ON or OFF Recurring billing in Office 365

If you are paying your billing amount of your MS-Office subscription (downloaded and installed via Office Setup) by your credit card or debit card then recurring bill will be ON by default and you will be charged every year since the day you had activated the subscription. But now you can turn it ON or OFF according to your convenience.

In case, you have made the payment in advance with the product key, then your office setup 365 subscription will over at the end of subscription period but if you want to continue you can provide your credit card or bank account details so that it will keep on renewing every year. Moreover, your bank account or credit card won’t be charged until your current subscription is not ended. One more benefit is that you can pay on a monthly basis and yearly upfront fee.

So, here is the procedure enabling and disabling your recurring billing in MS-Office:

  1. Go to the Admin Center, and then Subscriptions page
  2. Now choose Billing > Subscriptions
  3. For turning on Recurring Bill, switch the toggle to ON
  4. For turning off Recurring Billswitch the toggle OFF

Note: If your subscription is expired or disable in that case you are not able to turn on or off your recurring bill as it happens only when you have an active subscription

  1. When you choose your subscription to be turned off that does not mean it has been cancelled at the same time and it will be active until you’re your subscription expires.
  2. You can also check your subscription status by going on the subscription card

In case you want more information on your billing or , call the customer support phone number and they will be glad to assist you with the best possible solution.


Office Setup Product Key: MS Office is the world famous software that helps the consumers as well as businesses to create effective presentations, word documents and spreadsheets, and more, effortlessly. Office 365 and Office 2016, are the two most used and recently launched versions of the MS Office which have a lot of new features to offer to its customers. It has features like real-time co-authoring, chat with the co-workers, smart lookup, new charts in Excel, planner and more. Apart from these two, we have other versions of MS Office as well.

  • Office 2011
  • Office 2010
  • Office 2007

To get any of these Office subscriptions, you have two options. Below-given information will make you aware of both these versions along with their key differences:

Office Setup Product key

Choose a trial version

  1. Valid for 30-days
  2. Comes up with basic applications with limited features
  3. Can be downloaded, installed, and activated without using a 25-digit Office setup product key
  4. Can be installed only on one device
  5. No updates available

Choose a paid version

  1. Valid for the duration you pay (1-year, 3-years, 5-years)
  2. Includes all advanced features
  3. Needs a 25-digit Office setup product key for the download and a.
  4. Activation
  5. Can be installed on multiple devices
  6. Updates available

To download, install, and activate any of the Office setup subscriptions, you need to redeem the Office product key first and then use it to download the office setup from Now, follow the further instructions:

Steps for purchasing the Office Subscription

  1. Visit the official website of MS Office
  2. From the list of Office products, choose the one that suits your home or business PC’s requirements
  3. Now, go through the specifications and configuration mentioned with the selected Office setup version
  4. Also, check the system specifications required to install that version
  5. Now, choose the subscription plan for which you want the Office product (Office 365, Office 2016, Office 2011, Office 2010 or Office 2007)
  6. Hit Add to cart
  7. Proceed to checkout and choose any of the payment modes for payment
  8. Now, you will be asked to sign in or sign up to your MS account
  1. Skip the step, if already logged in
  1. Hit the Sign up link and provide the required details
  2. Once done, make the payment and it’s done
  3. You are good to go!

For the following purpose, we need to create an account.

  • View the Office product key
  • Check the subscription expiry and renewal date
  • Add or remove additional devices when you buy MS Office for multiple devices


You can also purchase any version of the MS Office like Office 2016, Office 2010 or any other version offline from the authorized store. You need to redeem the Office product key before you begin with the downloading, installation and the activation of your Office setup.

How to redeem the Office setup product key?

Offline Purchase

  1. Run the CD and look for the file (Office product key or product key)
  2. You will find a 25-digit product key

Online Purchase

  1. You can check the product key either by accessing your registered email ID or in your Office account

Office Setup- Download

  1. To download, visit office setup
  2. Enter the Office product key
  3. Log in your Office account by providing the registered email ID and password
  1. Skip the step, if already logged in
  1. From the order history tab, hit the download button available under the Office product you have purchased
  2. Wait until the download finishes!

Office Setup- Installation

  1. Double-click the downloaded setup
  2. An installation wizard will be prompted
  3. Follow the instructions on the wizard
  4. Click Next
  5. Go through the License Agreement and Terms & Conditions
  6. Hit I agree button to continue
  7. Wait until the process finishes!

Office Setup- Activation

  1. Open any of the Office application such as Word, PowerPoint or Excel
  2. You will be asked to activate MS Office
  3. Enter the activation key code and it’s done
  4. You can now use MS Office!