How to contact Microsoft to Setup Office Manually?

Microsoft Office is one of the leading enterprise business in the world and is also known around the world. This productivity tool is spread all over the world across continents and is almost available to the remotest part of the world. As it has made its presence all over the market and internet itself. Microsoft has to keep up with the support for their customers. So for that Microsoft has setup a Toll Free number for all the countries 
1800 102 1100

This toll free number is for all Microsoft Products and Not just Microsoft Office. Though you should know when to use this toll free number.

Know when to use this number?

This toll free number is specially for people who need to contact Microsoft on urgent bases, if you really need help with your Microsoft Product then you need to call this toll free number and get started with you inquiry.

Though there is a dedicated website to setup and install office,, there can also be some other problems that you may face while installing office and might need some technical support from and expert. So thats. when you can call the number.

What Microsoft will do is, that they will get a support executive on phone with you, who will guide you through the steps and he will almost correct everything that is going wrong with your product. He might even consider advising you to buy some software’s that will keep you computer in good condition for a long time.

You can visit the toll free website at

or you can simply go to

Tid Bits of Help: Microsoft Office Publisher for 2019

Well folks, normally I bring you hints/tips about changes Microsoft has made to Word and Excel (with a couple of PowerPoint thrown in), but not Publisher. Well, that’s because the changes have been small and seemingly Publisher was pretty much ignored – the step-child you might think. Not now.

According to my research, the templates and what you can do with them have been updated. There are new capabilities to work with the program for all those publications, sales and marketing materials you love to work with! (Any chance to play, and with bright/shiner toys works for me!) So, for one thing in the 2019 Publisher gets to use the Ribbon along with the new Backstage feature. The publisher wasn’t left out this time.

The updated picture tools we found in Word and Excel have finally made it to Publisher (where it should have been all along anyway) allowing for more control of photos. They’ve included a new object alignment technology, building blocks of content and fine typography options like true small caps and stylistic alternates. All the things we’ve been wanting to make desktop publishing better.

So having said all of the above, what is new/improved?
Well one thing, when you’re working with an inserted picture and you want to make changes, you can see them before you accept them. A big time saver. (in the “improved” category) Add captions for the photos and the ability to choose from a gallery of caption layouts. The object alignment technology provides grids to work with – not just the rules on the side and bottom and the hope you have it lined up correctly. (in the “improved” category) For a print preview, you can simultaneously view both sides of a page, multiple pages, page boundaries, and more print info to achieve the correct print result the first time. (in the “new” category) Now, to be honest folks I don’t see how this is new. As you’ve always been able to see multiple pages in Print Preview, then have the option to print from the preview mode. But the research states it’s a new feature. The building blocks of content for items like mastheads and graphics are easier due to the accessibility of the pre-existing themes in fonts and colors. (in the “improved” category) Fine typography is much improved. We now have the ability to use ligatures, true small caps, stylistic alternates, and alternate numeral forms. Such as fun things with the fonts like reflective and a better look to the shadow. (in the “improved” category) When connected to the internet, there are more Publisher templates available on Office Online than before. (in the “improved” category) And as you could in Publisher 2010 – you can save a file as a PDF or XPS for easier sharing and printing.

Now, remember, this is all research-based and I’m going on what Microsoft has stated. I haven’t purchased the 2019 product yet – I have too many clients still using 2010 and the special effects won’t convert to the older versions. That is something for you to keep in mind. When feasible, save as a PDF document then no worries with folks opening in older versions.

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How to Use Pandora on your Phone –

So you also want to use one of the world’s most influential music discovery platform? Pandora offers a personalized experience to its music listener whether you’re using on mobile, car, or any other device of your home.

Here are the guidelines to sign up, create stations, and listen to music on Pandora from your phone:

Stepwise guidelines to Use Pandora on your phone:

Step 1: Install Pandora app on your phone

Pandora app is available on Google Play Store of Android, App Store of iPhone, Windows Phone Store as well as on Amazon Appstore. And the app is free to download. To install it on your phone, go to your device store and download it from there.

Step 2: Sign in or make an account on Pandora

When installation of Pandora app is complete, launch the app. If you already have a Pandora account then proceed to log in section and enter your Pandora account’s email and password and then log in.

If you do not have an account, then click on ‘Register for free’ to sign up for an account and fill the information to complete the sign-up process.

Step 3: Create a new station

•    Tap on ‘+ Create Station’ at the top of the screen.

•    Enter a song, artist or genre name you like into the field to create a station similar to your search. You can create a more new station and edit your current station when you want.

Step 4: Play your first station

Play your first station. Pandora will analyze your choice and create a playlist of your taste.

Step 5: Like the music to listen to a similar type of music.

Touch on the ‘Like’ (Thumbs-up) icon button of the music you like to tell Pandora about your choice. As you like a song, Pandora will edit your Playlists and add similar music to it.

Step 6: Dislike the music to remove it from your Pandora playlist.

If you don’t like a song, then tap the ‘Dislike’ (Thumbs-down) icon button of the music to skip the song. And this will not only skip the song but also tell Pandora to remove similar tracks from your playlist and play less music similar to it in future.

Step 7: Tap the ‘Like’ (Thumbs-up) icon button at the top-right corner of the screen to edit stations.

Tapping on ‘Like’ icons will open the station’s page. On the station’s page you’ll see recent music, songs you’ve liked or unlike, add variety options, and edit the playlist’s descriptions.

•    Open ‘Session History’ and select a song to give a rating or edit the previous rating.

•    Tap on ‘+ Add Variety’ button to add new music, songs, genre to the playlist.

•    Tap on ‘Station Settings’ to edit the name or add a description of a playlist.

•    Tap on the ‘box’ at the top-right corner to save the changes you had made and return to your station.

Step 8: Tap on the ‘Back Arrow’ button on the upper-left corner of the Station screen.

Tapping on the back arrow button will take you back to the main menu. From here you can add a new station or change your stations. If you want to edit or remove a station, slide the station you want to make changes toward the right side. That’s all! Create a playlist of your choice and enjoy your loved music on your phone — one thing you’ve to remember that there is a limit for skipping the songs. You can only skip six tracks from a station into an hour. In a single day, you are able to skip up to 24 songs only. Skipping will count on the basis of keys (Next, Thumbs down, or I’m tired of this song) you use to pass over the music.

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Microsoft Whiteboard: presently more beautiful and adjustable than any other time in recent memory

The Whiteboard group has been working diligently since our declarations at Ignite. Fourteen days back, we reported the see of Microsoft Whiteboard for Education. Furthermore, as we accumulate increasingly more input from our developing client base, we’ve additionally been taking off incredible new highlights, with additional in transit soon. We should investigate what’s changed.

New pen hues and thicknesses

Reacting to well known interest, we’ve included 10 new pen hues and three more pen thicknesses, permitting Whiteboard clients to convey what needs be more brightly and strongly than any time in recent memory. To get to the new hues and thicknesses, click on the pen you have chosen to spring up the palette.

Foundation hues and gridlines

Much the same as it’s extraordinary to have alternatives for pen shading, tweaking the look and feel of the board itself can enable your plans to emerge – and can make your sheets progressively usable and intelligible too. Whiteboard now offers nine alternatives for board shading and eight sorts of gridlines that can be utilized together or independently to modify your sheets’ experiences. These alternatives are selectable in the Settings menu for any board.

Type message straightforwardly utilizing the console

We realize only one out of every odd gadget takes pen inputs – and regardless of whether it does, not every person has the neatest penmanship! Also, however sticky notes are incredible for composing remarks, now and again you simply need something somewhat more immediate. For the individuals who would prefer to type straight on the board, we presently have you secured: simply select the content section choice from the relevant menu (right-click/long tap to view), and type to your heart’s substance.

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How to Setup Office 365 Email on iPhone?

Whether you’re a one-man shop, or an employee in a company that’s moving to Office 365, you must setup Office 365 on iphone. Even if you take a job with an employer who uses Office 365, you must have an existing Office 365 email account to setup Office 365 email on iPhone 8.

Office 365 on iphone

However, it depends on your organization’s IT security policies but for first-time users, you must register Office account on any iPhone version such as setup Office 365 email on iPhone 8.

Why do you need to setup Office 365 email on iPhone 8 or iPad?

Setup Office 365 email on your iPhone 8 or other iOS devices, you can use Office mobile apps from anywhere. You can share documents, access business data, add or remove services, etc. Just sign in to your personal Office 365 account, or Office 365 School or work account, and setup Office 365 on iPhone. If you’ve purchase a valid Office 365 subscription, you can access additional features on your iPhone 6 and iPad.

To watch all steps to setup office 365 email on iPhone click here

Steps to Install and Setup Office 365 on iPhone

  1. Double-click on any Office app like Word to execute it
  2. Go to “Sign in” tab and click to sign in your Office 365 account, or school or work account if available
  3. If you’re using Office 2016 or Office 2019 versions, then you will get the option to upgrade to Office 365 when you sign in
  4. If you do not have any existing Office account, then tap on “Sign up” and enter your credentials to create a new account
    • In case, you don’t want an upgrade, you can choose to withdraw a plan. Just click “May be Later” tab and follow the instructions to use the app without a subscription
    • However, you will get the option to setup Office 365 on iPhone to access additional features
  5. In the next step, tap “Yes” or “No” to allow office 365 to improve your Office experience
  6. Tap “Turn on Notifications” button to allow Office 365 enable alerts, or click “Not Now” to opt out.
  7. Tap “Create and Edit” to start working on Word documents
  8. Tap “Open” and then go to “Add a place” button to add another account or cloud-services such as OneDrive or Dropbox.
  9. Scroll down and select any Cloud service that want to add
  10. Enter the credentials that you use to sign in to access that service

Please note: Once you sign in, you will get you Office 365 account automatically added to other Office apps installed on your device.

How to manually Setup Office 365 on iPhone and iPad?

  1. From the Home screen of your iPhone device and go to the “Settings” icon
  2. Go to “Accounts” and Password”
  3. Tap “Add Account”
  4. Click “Exchange”
  5. Enter your username and password along with a brief description
  6. Click “Next”
  7. Choose the cloud-services you want to Setup Office 365 on iPhone and then tap “Save”

Complete Guide for Live Streaming Gameplay on YouTube

Gamers love to watch live games on YouTube, and they also want to stream their games live on YouTube. Today live streaming games on YouTube consider as an essential part of the gaming & entertaining world.

If you’re also wondering how to live stream gameplay on YouTube, then only the things you required is a decent device and excellent net connection. Follow the steps given below:

Steps to Create a YouTube Gaming Live Stream

Go through these simple steps to stream your impressive game videos on YouTube.

1.    Open a ‘Web Browser’.

2.    Visit the URL ‘’ with your Web browser.

3.    Sign in with your ‘YouTube register account’.

4.    Click ‘Go Live’ option near the top of the homepage screen. It will take you to YouTube’s Stream Now page.

5.    Scroll down on the ‘Creator Studio’ page to the Live streaming section.

6.    Check for the ‘Stream Now’ should be selected.

7.    Go to the ‘Basic Info’ section.

8.    And type ‘Title and description’ for your stream.

9.    Click on ‘Revel’ button under the “Encoder Setup”. This will disclose the “Stream name/key” box which you will require when you use any encoder programs.

10.    Now, Note down the ‘Stream name/key’.

11.    And Save all changes.

When you see saved changes message at the top of the page, then you can set up an Encoder for streaming.

How to Stream game from your PC

If you want to live stream game through your personal computer, then you’ll need broadcaster software or encoder such as XSplit Broadcaster, OBS.

Using XSplit Broadcaster to stream game on YouTube

XSplit Broadcaster is generally a free Streaming encoder used by Windows user. Its basic streaming features are free of cost, but you can also pay for its paid subscription to unlock some unique features.

To use XSplit Broadcaster basic or free features you just need to sign up on XSplit after installing the program.

How to set up XSplit Broadcaster to broadcast a specific monitor

1.    Open ‘Add Source’ menu. It is at the bottom-left corner of your screen.

2.    Go to ‘Screen Capture’ from the add source menu.

3.    Go to ‘Monitor Capture’.

4.    Select ‘Desktop’ from the desktop options.

How to set up XSplit Broadcaster to broadcast a particular game

If you want to Live stream a game you are currently playing, then here is how to this,

1.    Open ‘Add Source’ menu. It is at the bottom-left corner of your screen.

2.    Now, go to ‘Game Capture’ it is just below to the Screen Capture option.

3.    Select the game you want to stream.

Once you select the source monitor or game now, you can start broadcasting just allow XSplit Broadcaster to connect with your YouTube account,

1.    Open ‘Broadcast’ tab at the top-left corner of the screen.

2.    Click on the first option ‘YouTube Live-Click to configure’.

3.    Now, go to URL “” with your Web Browser.

4.    Find you YouTube Channel ID.

5.    Copy your ‘Channel ID’.

6.    And Go back to ‘XSplit Broadcaster’.

7.    Paste your Channel ID into the Channel ID field on XSplit Broadcaster.

8.    You can change other settings here (like Video Quality, etc.) or Skip.

9.    And hit ‘OK’ button.

10.    Now, log in with your ‘YouTube account’ when a window pop up.

11.    And type two factor authentication code, if asked.

12.    Read the terms and privacy policies message carefully.

13.    And click the ‘Allow’ button. If you don’t allow then, XSplit will not work.

14.    After permitting XSplit, open ‘Broadcast’ tab.

15.    And select ‘YouTube Live-your username’.

16.    Verify your detail on the popup window and click on ‘Start Broadcast’ button.

Now your screen is live on YouTube, you can confirm it by seeing a Streaming Live message on your screen or a ‘Green Dot’ on stream page, if it is not, it means you’re not live.

How to stop XSplit to broadcast on YouTube

1.    Open ‘Broadcast’ tab.

2.    Click on ‘YouTube Live-Your Username’. This will end broadcasting.

That’s it! You can use other software as well as any other device to go live on YouTube.

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How to burn MP4 to DVD with Windows Computer

DVD is also a type of storage device. It’s a good idea to store your relevant data, files, software, videos, movies, etc. in a DVD. But to save any files into a DVD, burning process is needed.

Here is how to burn MP4 to DVD on Windows!

Steps to burn a Playable DVD with your Windows PC

For creating a playable DVD, you can use any type of DVD discs. But make sure you’re using a blank DVD. After this now one more thing you need is DVD Burning software. DVD Flick is a great software for burning CD or DVD on Windows computer. So,

To get Flick on your computer, you need to download and install it,

Here is how to download and use Flick for burning a DVD

1.    With your Web browser go to download page of Flick. You can directly use URL to jump Flick’s download page.

2.    Now, click on ‘Download DVD Flick’ button. The button is at the middle of the download page.

3.    Provide a location to download Flick, if needed.

4.    And ‘Confirm’ downloading to start downloading.

5.    Wait for Flick to download.

Now, install it on your computer,

6.    Locate to the setup file of Flick.

7.    Run ‘Setup’.

8.    Click the ‘Next’ button.

9.    ‘Accept’ term & conditions. Check the box of ‘I accept’.

10.    And continue clicking the ‘Next’ button until you’ll not see Install button.

11.    Now, click the ‘Install’ button.

12.    Again click ‘Next’.

13.    And, at the last click ‘Finish’ to done installation.

After downloading Flick burning software of your PC, follow next steps

Steps for burning MP4 to DVD

1.    After turning on your PC, open it’s CD Drive.

2.    Now, place back DVD into it and then close it.

3.    If auto-play prompts on your desktop after inserting a disc, then close it before going on.

4.    Start the ‘Flick’ program.

5.    If Flick asks for a tutorial, choose OK or close according to you.

6.    Now, open the folder of MP4 files that you want to burn.

7.    And then ‘Add’ MP4 videos to the Flick. You can directly add videos by simply dragging videos into it.

8.    Open ‘Project Settings’ tab. Project Settings tab is near the top centre of the screen.

9.    Click the ‘Burning’ option from the left side pane of the Project settings page.

10.    Tick the box of ‘Burn project to disc’. Checkbox option is at the top of the prompted Window. Doing this will confirm burning your DVD with your selected MP4 files.

11.    Now, select ‘Accept’ to save settings and turn back to Flick main page or select ‘Use as defaults’ to save settings as default for future.

12.    Next, you’ve to click on ‘Create DVD’ tab at the top-right corner of the screen.

13.    Click on ‘Continue’ on the warning windows, if prompted. After this Flick will start burning your DVD.

14.    Wait to finish burning. The process will take some minutes to some hours this will depend on the size of the selected MP4 file.

15.    Once your DVD is created, eject it from your PC, and now you can try it on any other device.

If any error shows up during the burning process, then view ‘Tips’.

Steps to Burn a Data DVD

1.    After Turning On your PC, open it’s CD Drive.

2.    Now, place black DVD into it and then close it.

3.    If auto-play prompts on your desktop after inserting the disc, then close it before going on.

4.    Click on ‘Windows logo’ button to open the Start menu.

5.    Open ‘File Explorer’.

6.    Open folder in which your MP4 files are stored.

7.    Select Video or Movie to burn on DVD.

8.    Now, click on ‘Share’ tab from the top-left corner.

9.    Select ‘Burn to Disc’ from share tab options.

10.    Click the ‘Burn’ button on the prompted window. This will start burning your DVD.

11.    Click ‘Finish’ when completed. That’s it! Eject your DVD, and now it is usable.

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How to get free Microsoft Office Subscription with New Laptops?

You might have noticed, Many laptops come with pre-installed software’s like antiviruses and tools. You might not have noticed but many of the laptops and computers come with free Microsoft Office Suite.

Does not matter what version of Microsoft Office is free with the laptop or the device but it is almost free. Depending on the fact that you need to buy a laptop and do some research before buying the laptop. Simple as that.

So we went out in the market and found some amazing laptops with great configurations and free Windows 10 and Microsoft Office Pre-installed.

Some laptop brands were even exclusively selling there laptops with Office pre installed on it.

Office-setup on - LAptops

After we did some research on this laptop market we even found HP, Dell and other major competitors were also selling laptops with Office pre-installed on it.

But on a deeper survey we found that many retailers were selling cracked Microsoft Office on the Free Dos version of Laptops and they had already added the price of the Office subscription on MRP.

To be sure on how to find a laptop that is totally authentic and has a legit Office subscription you must check for the logo of original Microsoft Office Product on the front or the back side of the laptop.

To verify your Office Subscription you can simply visit and verify your Subscription by logging in to your Office Account.

Microsoft office Publisher Is Useful in Making a Card

Have you thoroughly browsed your Microsoft Office Software? Aside from the most used programs like MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint, I found the Microsoft office Publisher very useful, fun and entertaining. With the use of this program, making different kinds of a card is easy as one, two and three.

There are lots of templates available if you would want to create your own business card. It is essential especially for an individual on the go and often meets people outside because of their jobs. Postcard and greeting card templates are also available in Microsoft Publisher. This great discovery is just in time because Holiday season is just around the corner. As early as today, I have been trying out some layouts and designs for the cards that I will make and give to my loved ones during Holidays.

With that, the only problem that I see to actually put this card into actual is the type of canvass I will use. I want a sturdy type of paper that can hold up for a long time. That’s why I paid a visit to one of the gift shops I passed through this afternoon. I asked the sales clerk for suggestions on where can I print my postcard and greeting card that I made using MS Publisher. She had given me several types of paper but she specifically offered me those firm and sturdy square-shaped card.

As per the salesperson, the card type of paper is their best seller when it comes to card making. With its durability, no matter how hard the manner of printing will be, the ink will not pass through the other side. Same goes if you will paste embellishments on the card. She was very helpful and accommodating that’s why I left their shop with a handful of card materials.

Going back to my craft, since Microsoft Office Publisher has also options on how you want your card to be folded, I chose the two-fold type of card. However, because the card I bought from the shop is firm, I found difficulty in folding it. But guess what I did. I took out a sharp cutter and a ruler, drew a line on the part that needs to be folded. And then I lightly run the cutter over the lines, just enough to mark it and that’s it, card folded with ease. I just, later on, discovered that what I did is what they call scoring.

Making a card by yourself is one gift you can give to your loved ones. It doesn’t matter how beautiful it will come out but the effort is given in doing it.

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How to Customize Your Desktop –

The users can change many things to make their computer look different like background wallpapers, different styles fonts, desktop screensavers, icons, and sounds. They can personalize the sound of an alert text, creating their own picture as their background, adding multiple fonts to their text box and many more.

Steps to Change the Desktop Theme

•    Understanding themes. Themes include background wallpapers, different styles fonts, desktop screensavers, icons, and sounds which are set by the users of the Windows. Adjusting the whole theme at only one click to completely change the desktop of the system as compared to the previous desktop.

  • You can download multiple Windows by using your Internet as when installing Windows from the internet it only includes only two themes inside it.

•    Modify the theme. Go to the “Personalization tool” located in the “Control Panel” page. Browsing with the themes which are already installed on your system and select one that you want. In case you wish to find multiple themes online, then press the “Get more themes online” URL.

  • For the users of Windows Vista, they have fewer choices in themes. When you go to the “Personalization” menu page, press the “theme” URL. By following these steps, it will open the “theme Menu,” here you can choose themes which are installed on your system from a pull-down section. In case you like to add multiple themes, you have to find those themes and install themes to the system.

Steps to Change the Desktop Background

•    Find a new background picture. Windows will offer you different options in case you wish to adjust the desktop picture, but in case you want to apply customized background wallpaper, you have to search or create a new theme. You have to check how much large picture you are installing.

  • Go to the “Screen Utility” option. In case you are the user of Windows XP, 7, 8 then go to the “Control Panel” page and after that, unlock “Display.” For users of Windows Vista, go to the “Control Panel” option, unlock “Personalization” and after that, press “Display Settings” located at the end of the desktop.

•    Create a note according to the size of the desktop. To make the picture to look beautiful, you need that background wallpaper having the equal size as the desktop. Go through the “Slider” located in the screen window which shows the desktop pixels list.

•    Install a picture. By using “Image Search Engine” option, you can search for a new wallpaper for the desktop. Go to the “Search Tools,” press “Size” button and after that,

choose “Exact” option. After searching for the picture you want, download it on the system.

•    Place the wallpaper. Unlock the “Personalization Tool” given in the “Control panel” page. It is the option which is located in the “Appearance & Personalization” category, according to the setting of the “Control Panel” page. In this page, you can go to the “Desktop

Background.” Press the “Browse” button to find the system where you want to download the picture.

Steps to Change the Screen Saver

•    Go to the “Personalization” menu page. You will get the page into the “Control Panel,” below the “Appearances & Personalization” option. Move to the “Screen Saver” page. It will show “Screen Saver” settings.

•    Adjust the “Screen Saver.” By using the pull-down menu page to select from screensavers which are already installed.

•    Adjust screen saver settings. You are able to change the size of the screensaver, and the lock setting of your system. Depends on the “Screensaver” you had selected, you can change settings for it by pressing the “Settings” option.

•    Install new “Screen Savers.”

Micheal Ricky is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry since 2002. As a technical expert, Samuel has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as